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I was born in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago. My earliest memories are of being bathed in herbs, taking herbal remedies and experiencing aspects of traditional healing in the house of my maternal grandmother who was Herbalist and Shaman and who was the daughter of my Carib Indian MedicineWoman great-grandmother.

Herbal medicine has always been part of my life. Fortunately, due to natural remedies,

I have rarely ever needed medical attention of any kind. I respect the knowledge and technology the medical industry has developed in the past 75 years. I acknowledge the importance and effectiveness that some drugs and surgery have brought to the world of healing. I am also aware of over-prescribing of some drugs, the dangerous side effects of many drugs and the invasive nature of many of the current practices.

I began practicing massage at eighteen and treated friends, family or strangers who wanted healing, using herbal medicine, massage and other forms of traditional healing.

Sixteen years later, in London, I was introduced to homeopathy – the turning point in my development as a healer. A year after my exposure to and while studying homeopathy, I was in a near fatal car accident.

My shoulder was broken and my back was in great pain. I could not sit up or stand for more than a few minutes.

I clearly and painfully saw the limits of ‘mainstream’ medicine. From the moment I hit the emergency room, they had no effective therapies to help me – no cast to put my shoulder in, no therapy to help my bones and back heal faster. They gave me codeine for pain, which made me nauseous and caused me to lose consciousness.

Fortunately for me, homeopathy had the answer – Arnica Montana for the bruising and trauma; Rhus Toxicondenron for the inflammation. I supported the homeopathy with herbal medicines and recovered in half the estimated time.

I decided to dedicate more of my time and energy towards my healing practice when consistently confronted by people suffering unnecessarily, being over-medicated and being charged vast sums of money when safe, effective, and less expensive natural remedies often present a better alternative.

I combine my family’s multi-generational expertise in herbal medicine with homeopathy, nutirition and other more recent modalities in my holistic healing practice. Our bodies themselves are great healers. Nature is the great medicine cabinet. The challenge is for us to honour our bodies and nature the best ways we can.

To arrange a consultation with me or to ask any questions about holistic treatment, e-mail me.

Christopher Scipio
Holistic Viral and Immune Specialist

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