Why I Practice Holistic Healing

Christopher Scipio

I believe that it's important to approach Holistic Healing with a great deal of humility. Regardless of the great strides science has made in recent years,we still know so little about the functions of our own bodies.

Our bodies are complex, sensitive universes unto themselves and we are early in the journey towards complete understanding. Conventional medicine has the ability to intervene in and modify our metabolisms for the sake of healing and sometimes that is the best course, but what happens too often instead is that it does more harm than good.

Holistic Healing is an individual therapy.

One of the many major differences between Holistic Healing and conventional medicine  is that Holistic Healing treats each patient as a unique whole human being. Once your "disease" has been diagnosed in conventional medicine you are given a therapy advocated to be effective against your disease. Essentially anyone with the same disease would be given the same therapy or few therapies. Your disease is the focus not you. The concept of treating you as an individual and not your disease does not even exist in conventional medicine. Holistic Healing understands that no two human beings are going to experience the same illness the same way. It is a whole person who is affected by disease and it is a whole person who responds to remedies. Yes, you may have a cold and may be coughing, but Holistic Healing seeks to treat your unique experience of your cold; are you coughing more in the morning or at night? Is it a dry cough or phlegmy? Is your cold better after drinking warm drinks or cold drinks? etc... Holistic Healing seeks to prescribe the precise remedy for you - to stimulate your own vital force and allow your body to heal itself. This is very important because in many cases illness is due to an imbalance or dysfunction in your metabolism. Treating surface symptoms alone will not stop problems from re-occuring, often the same problems. If your vital force/metabolism is balanced and healthy through deep healing the likelihood of the same problems re-occurring is greatly reduced.

Holistic Healing seeks to find what is different and unique about your situation so that you can be treated uniquely. True healing cannot be forced. When your body is helped to reached a higher level of health true healing happens naturally.

Holistic Healing takes into consideration your mental and emotional and social experience. Even your dreams may be an important signpost to the appropriate cure. During an initial consultation your mental and emotional and social life may provide information contributing a better understanding your whole health picture. A person's experience of their mental and emotional life cannot be separated from their physical complaints.

Holistic Healers spend time with their patients. Traditional physicians rarely have more than 15 minutes for each patient. I can say that in my twenty-one years in Canada my doctor's visits have each averaged about 10 minutes. This is due in part by how doctors are paid by the government health care system. They are paid a set amount per patient and have to see as many patients per hour to make any money. This has also been my experience of even the private health care system in the States. Obviously it's challenging for doctors to have a chance to listen to and consider their patients in depth in so little time. My initial consultation is an hour with me listening in depth to your whole health picture. After this I am in regular contact with and communicate with my patients throughout the length of their treatment. Simply put, the traditional health care system is not set up to allow doctors to spend a lot of time with their patients.

So why did I choose to focus on Holistic Healing? Because it allows me to treat my patients with a safe, effective and inexpensive natural healing system that helps to re-balance their vital force in a deep, uninvasive and respectful manner. Being a Holistic Healer allows me to listen to and consider my patients as individuals and to spend the time with them and with their cases that allows deeper understanding and individualization of their therapy.

To arrange a consultation with me or to ask any questions about the holistic treatment, e-mail me.

Christopher Scipio
Holistic Viral and Immune Specialist

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