Holistic Herpes Newsletter Volume Three, Edition 3

A Poem and a Thank You

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the hope you gave to me during a dark period of my life. I don’t know how to relay to you what happened to me, but something (actually, doctors prescribing antidepressants for normal progression of a bodies reaction to life changing events.) You were a voice of reason. It’s interesting how, if you cry in a doctor’s office, someone thinks you need a pill. The pill is poison and your body will, hopefully expel same. Isn’t it the way of the world now – a pharmaceutical pill for everything. A “happy pill,” a sleeping pill, a fix for every ailment. In any event, my insanity came with doctors prescribing antidepressants for depression. My body was expelling what was prescribed. Rather than doctors  just saying: do some yoga; take a walk. Get moving! Yours was the only website that made me believe there was something that I could do to fix what I thought was wrong. So, I’m now going to do something silly – send you a  poem that I wrote to thank you. I bet everybody does that to you. Send their juvenile. artistic works just because they are stupid!
 Also, by the way, you have a beautiful, healing voice.
“I walked outdoors onto my porch and picked up my well used broom; and there I saw the Dragonfly about to meet its doom. The Dragonfly was held securely within the Spider’s web. At first glance one would have thought the Dragonfly was dead. So beautiful, yet motionless, the outcome appeared to be bleak, but little did that Spider know the havoc my broom could wreak! Gently I lifted my Savior’s tool and broke the silken threads. the Dragonfly was finally free and swiftly flew away. The Spider’s web exists no more, all evidence removed. Now the lizards congregate there and delicately graze for food”.

One of my patients has started a brilliant blog about food and herpes. I strongly encourage you all to follow it. Here’s the info on how to find it:

Food and Herpes: Enjoy cooking! La cuisine plaisir

A suitable diet makes a great difference when living with HSV2! The best way to boost your immune system is to eat appropriate food.
Une nourriture adaptée fait une grande différence quand on doit vivre avec l’herpès! La meilleure façon de booster votre système immunitaire, c’est de consommer une nourriture appropriée.
Think outbreak free!

##cuisine sans grain, noix, caféine, théine, sucre ou chocolat
##cooking without grain, nut, caffeine, sugar or chocolate

##Instagram food_and_herpes


Updates and Discounts

My third edition of my book “Making Peace with Herpes” will be published next month. I am offering the readers of this newsletter a free copy of the e-book and all I ask in return is you read as soon as you get it and you let me know if it resonated with you.  So if you’ve never read my book before or haven’t read it in awhile, go for it and ask for one. You can request your free copy by emailing me atnatropractica@aol.com

Lastly as a winter special and to help you have a herpes free new year,  I am offering a six month package of my Immune Formula and Antiviral Gel- which normally is $699, for $500 dollars, if you order by December 16th 2014. You can also have a 60 minute phone consultation for half price at $50, and a 30 minute mini consultation also at half price for $30. If there’s any other remedies you might need for herpes or any other health condition please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll either hand make something for you or let you know some safe and effective remedies that can be store bought.



“Ebola and The Vast Viral Universe”

In my book “Making Peace with Herpes” I wrote back in 2006 that the herpes viruses had been around for at least 140 million years and infects every single animal with a backbone and almost every animal without a backbone, such as worms and coral reefs. I also wrote that in our own body only 10% of the number of cells we have are human and that the other 90% are viruses and bacteria and other microorganisms, and that we cannot survive without them. Now in this article from the New York Times I read a couple of months ago, scientists are going much further in their claims of the interdependency of viruses and the organisms they infect. Infact viruses may have created life itself as part of their evolutionary manifest destiny.
“Behind the hellish Ebola epidemic ravaging West Africa lies an agent that fittingly embodies the mad contradictions of a nightmare. It is alive yet dead, simple yet complex, mindless yet prophetic, seemingly able to anticipate our every move.

For scientists who study the evolution and behavior of viruses, the Ebola pathogen is performing true to its vast, ancient and staggeringly diverse kind. By all evidence, researchers say, viruses have been parasitizing living cells since the first cells arose on earth nearly four billion years ago.

Some researchers go so far as to suggest that viruses predate their hosts. That they essentially invented cells as a reliable and renewable resource they could then exploit for the sake of making new viral particles.

It was the primordial viral “collective,” said Luis P. Villarreal, former director of the Center for Virus Research at the University of California, Irvine, “that originated the capacity for life to be self-sustaining.”

“Viruses are not just these threatening or annoying parasitic agents,” he added. “They’re the creative front of biology, where things get figured out, and they always have been.”

Researchers are deeply impressed by the depth and breadth of the viral universe, or virome. Viruses have managed to infiltrate the cells of every life form known to science. They infect animals, plants, bacteria, slime mold, even larger viruses. They replicate in their host cells so prodigiously and stream out into their surroundings so continuously that if you collected all the viral flotsam afloat in the world’s oceans, the combined tonnage would outweigh that of all the blue whales.

Not that viruses want to float freely. As so-called obligate parasites entirely dependent on host cells to replicate their tiny genomes and fabricate their protein packages newborn viruses, or virions, must find their way to fresh hosts or they will quickly fall apart, especially when exposed to sun, air or salt.

“Drying out is a death knell for viral particles,” said Lynn W. Enquist, a virologist at Princeton.

How long shed virions can persist if kept moist and unbuffeted — for example, in soil or in body excretions like blood or vomit — is not always clear but may be up to a week or two. That is why the sheets and clothing of Ebola patients must be treated as hazardous waste and surfaces hosed down with bleach.

Viruses are masters at making their way from host to host and cell to cell, using every possible channel. Whenever biologists discover a new way that body cells communicate with one another, sure enough, there’s a virus already tapping into exactly that circuit in its search for new meat.”

You can read the full article here