Holistic Herpes Newsletter Volume Three, Edition 6


Childbirth and HSV: My Journey

I have two children, one is a 12 year old girl, and the other a baby boy who is less than a week old. I got genital herpes from a partner 14 years ago, and the virus and I had a tumultuous relationship! I wasn’t one of those more typical carriers, who after a few years had a less active virus. I had outbreaks almost monthly, year after year. And prodromal symptoms were a constant, they became almost unnoticeable to me due to their familiarity.

When I became pregnant with my daughter, I chose an Obstetrician for my pre-natal care. I had outbreaks during my pregnancy that became more manageable once I started anti-viral treatment. However, at my 40 week check-up ,I reported prodromal symptoms, to which the doctor said “you have to have a c-section.”

Last year, in 2014, I became pregnant. I wanted to have a natural childbirth experience. After navigating through the nausea and exhaustion (and constant outbreaks) of the first trimester, I started researching ways to heal herpes. I came upon Christopher Scipio’s name on a blog, and looked him up. Without hesitating, I purchased a consultation with him.

At 20 weeks pregnant, I was having constant prodromal symptoms and occasional outbreaks. Christopher reviewed dietary, lifestyle, and medicinal options with me. He told me what to stop eating, and what to start eating. My first step was a caffeine withdrawal! I decided to try and follow his advice as closely as possible. I began daily yoga, a vigorous regime of supplements and 3 doses of immune formula daily. In addition, I began self-hypnosis to heal herpes. Christopher and I had weekly email check-ins, along with phone consults when I felt stuck or fearful about my ability to turn things around.

At 32 weeks pregnant, insomnia began throwing my system in to fatigue and I became discouraged.  I still had not had one day in my pregnancy without herpes symptoms. The prodromal pains did decrease, but not completely disappear. Christopher kept telling me that my symptoms would go away. He told me to not even think about symptoms until I reached 36 weeks gestation. By the time I was 38 weeks pregnant, I started to have days without symptoms! At last! To my credit, I followed the diet, supplement, and lifestyle suggestions very closely. I did not cheat myself.


What a Phone Consultation with Me is Like

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I scheduled a phone consultation with Christopher Scipio. I only knew that I needed help managing my herpes symptoms and learning how to date with the herpes virus as part of my life. From reading his book, Making Peace with Herpes, I guessed that he would be compassionate and a wealth of knowledge. I found this to be true. What I didn’t guess was that his sense of humor, comfortable demeanor, and kind listening ear would make it so easy and even enjoyable to talk about having herpes! How refreshing!


I really appreciate the information and guidance that Christopher gave me about managing my herpes symptoms naturally. What has made an even greater difference for me, though, was his commitment to me having a vivacious and fulfilling life with the herpes virus. It became very clear that he was not going to let me off the hook with feeling bad about myself in any way for contracting herpes. After listening to my concerns, he cleared up the misconceptions that I had been holding on to, and gave me the tools I needed to begin dating again with confidence.


From my experience, talking with someone who genuinely understands the personal impact of this virus and who has the expertise to offer sound guidance has been invaluable. For those who are feeling emotionally stuck, confused or uncomfortable in any way with their herpes, I certainly recommend a phone consultation with Christopher Scipio.
Health Repentance: A Holistic Gospel.

So that there’s no confusion, although growing up in the pentecostal church, I am not a Christian nor am I religious, but I learned a lot from those 7 years in church, lessons which helped me lead a healthier and happier life.

The words holistic and Holy are very interconnected. For everything God has made, the devil has made a counterfeit. I see this truth all around me with artificial sweeteners, genetically modified foods and breast implants just to name a few things. But I see it the most in prescription drugs.

So the first commandment of health repentance is to seek nature as your medicine of choice and only resort to prescription and over the counter drugs in emergencies or when natural therapies have failed.

The next time you get a cold, or diarrhea or sprain your ankle or need to stop menstrual cramps remember that natural medicine can do almost everything drugs can do and can usually do it better and safer. Amen.

The Latest and Most Radical Breakthrough in Herpes Treatment

This isn’t my idea so I can’t claim credit for it. It comes from my ex-girlfriend G, who I still talk to everyday, and who has proven herself to be smarter than me on many occasions.

There is a lot of interesting news about herpes vaccines and genetic manipulation and other high-tech treatments. There is also the constant roar of  herpes treatment hoaxes and gimmicks and snake-oil.

The latest and greatest and most radical herpes treatment is free, low-tech, universally available and the rise effects are welcome and amazing.

The treatment is simply to love your herpes.

That’s as radical and contrary to our instincts and conditioning as it gets.

It’s not an easy concept for many to open their minds and hearts to, but for those who can, it’s the key to being released from herpes prison.

Don’t get me wrong, some people have post-herpetic neuralgia or other herpes triggered conditions that require strong substance-based medicine. But for the majority of herpes people who are having simple outbreaks, this is the key.

In 2005 I wrote an article entitled “Healing Your Herpes Through Self Love” and it’s also a chapter in my book “Making Peace With Herpes”. I was on the right track, but didn’t go far enough.

It’s not enough to love yourself-although it’s a great start. It’s not enough to make peace with your herpes. You need to love your herpes. Love your herpes with all your might.

It’s not because herpes is lovable. It’s not because you ought to love having herpes. It’s because love is the strongest medicine in the world. My mother’s love saved me when i was a premature baby with only a 10% chance of living. It’s love and only love that can complete your healing.

Love your herpes. It’s part of you now and may be forever. Fight the negative with positive.

Love, love, love. And thank me and G when you receive your healing.

A Recent Review of My Book “Making Peace with Herpes”

“Sexually transmitted diseases are not glamorous, and herpes may be the least glamorous of all. In this instructive and compassionate book Christopher Scipio explores this common but taboo virus from the viewpoint of a healthy young man who was suddenly struck with it – an STD worse than any other except HIV, he thought then.Scipio has been on a long journey with herpes, and has come out healthy, sexually satisfied and even grateful – that’s right, grateful – to the virus for coming into his life. Having tried the anti-viral drugs recommended by doctors, he became convinced they were useless and set out to develop his own remedies; it helped that he came from a long line of Afro-Caribbean “bush doctors” with an intimate knowledge of herbs and natural medicines. He approaches the problem holistically: rather than attempting to destroy the virus with drugs (which is impossible), one should cultivate overall health through whole food, exercise, meditation and stress reduction. Scipio has also developed his own herbal treatments based on herbs he sources from the forest and seaside in British Columbia, where he now lives. Follow his protocol, he says, and outbreaks can be drastically reduced or even stopped altogether. He also offers an anti-viral gel to help prevent passing the virus to sexual partners.The book includes chapters addressed specifically to women, who he says catch herpes more easily than men and find it more devastating, and specifically to black men and women.One might wonder why it’s so essential to avoid spreading herpes if more than 60% of the population already has it; there’s some deep ethical thinking to be done here. Scipio encourages us to love our bodies and take responsibility for our health and the health of partners. And even if you and your partner both have herpes, you can make it worse by having unprotected sex during outbreaks – something known as inoculation and reinoculation. Having herpes can be scary, painful and embarrassing; sometimes it’s easier simply not to think about it. But if you are ready to take it seriously and treat yourself, this book is a good step towards figuring out what to do.  And Scipio even invites the reader to email him if they need advice about how to have “the talk” with potential partners. Definitely worth a read.”

The third edition of  “Making Peace with Herpes” is available on Amazon
and at www.herpesbook.com