Holistic Herpes Newsletter Volume Three, Edition 7


We are constantly trading bacteria and viruses back and forth between each other in our intimate acts, but also without even touching.

For 11 years now I have been telling my patients and anyone else who will listen that we are colonies of bacteria and viruses and we are constantly trading our bacteria and viruses between each other, so we should not be surprised or angst-ridden when (not if) we get a sexually transmitted infection such as herpes. Often medical doctors and scientists are my foes and obstacles in getting the truth out to people, but on this issue there is no disagreement.The simple act of kissing someone for ten minutes transfers 80 million bacteria and an untold amount of viruses. But simply being in the same room or close to someone in an elevator or Starbucks will trade bacteria and viruses back and forth, because we are all like Pigpen and carry a bacterial and viral could around with us everywhere we go.

Viruses are much more difficult for scientists to detect and measure so the viral numbers are unknown, but are high.

If your partner’s kiss is on your lips, their microbes are, too.
A passionate kiss that lasts more than 10 seconds transfers about 80 million bacteria, researchers say.

Each couple had their mouths swabbed and spit to measure the bacteria in their mouths. Even before kissing, the couples had similar mouth bacteria.

“To our surprise, we found that those people that are intimately related … share much more of that bacteria on their tongue than unrelated individuals,” Remco Kort, a microbiologist at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research in Amsterdam and lead author of the study told NPR’s Rob Stein

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The Bacterial Cloud We All Carry Could Be As Unique As A Fingerprint
by Rob Stein

Scientists have discovered that everyone emits their own “microbiome cloud,” a plume of the microbes we all carry around in and on our bodies.

All of us, no matter how together we are, are walking around in a fog – or rather, a cloud formed by millions of microorganisms spewing from our bodies.

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NPR – October 11, 2015

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Safer Sex, Self-Love and My AntiViral Gel

Safer Sex is an act of love and more importantly, an act of self-love.

It’s easy and natural to be motivated to protect your lover/s from being infected by something you are carrying, and I always applaud the ethics and integrity of that. However, I often find that people with herpes are much more concerned with protecting others than they are in protecting themselves. It’s too easy to fall into a spiral of shame and plunging self-esteem and forget that having herpes makes one more vulnerable to other infections. It’s important to live in the energy of honouring and respecting your body, and protecting it.

So yes be concerned about the welfare of others, but never to the detriment of yourself.

Safer sex isn’t as carefree as riding bareback, but then again this isn’t the 60’s. Safer sex still can be fun and sexy. I love putting on my antiviral gel on my cock- it’s a thrilling part of foreplay and helps me get hard. I also love putting the gel on and inside others. And it seems like I’m not the only one who appreciates the sensual qualities of my antiviral gel- here is a note I got last night from one of my patients:

“I want to tell you how much I enjoy using your antiviral gel nightly. It’s become my favorite part of my bedtime routine. I keep it in the fridge, as you recommended. Every night I look forward to squeezing the gel on my fingers and then slipping them into my pussy. I’m getting to know myself more intimately than I ever have before, it feels so good that I sometimes take a moment to just play around with myself. I love the cool soothing feeling and how much it turns me on to have a slippery, wet pussy every night. It also keeps me feeling moist all day, which gives me pleasure beyond words. I believe that I’m an addict. I really don’t want to be without this stuff ever again. :-)”
Top Ten reasons to use the antiviral gel daily


-helps prevent outbreaks and shedding


-helps treat and prevent vulvodynia


-protects against all eight herpes viruses, HPV and HIV


-no one needs to know you are using it


-is especially effective for keeping oral sex safer


-is a masturbation aide


-helps prevent you spreading herpes to other parts of the body from inadvertent touching


-helps prevent spreading of herpes to other parts of the body during oral sex


– is the only antiviral gel containing carrageenan made by a master herbalist, made by hand from whole ethically-harvested seaweeds picked at the proper stages of their growth cycles to ensure maximum antiviral properties


-helps prevent chicken pox and shingles


-human herpes viruses 1, 2 , 3, 4, 6 and 8 have all been linked to various forms of cancer. Keeping your herpes viruses in check may help in cancer prevention down the road, and we don’t know what other diseases may be triggered or worsened by untreated herpes viruses

Gel Pleasures

I am a middle-aged professional woman who is the mother of three and an active athlete. I use Christopher’s anti-viral sex gel daily.  Some days, that means a quick application, dispense and rub in. Other days, I have a much different experience. On those days, I begin the application the same way but my fingers move more slowly, exploring. Rubbing the gel on my labia and vulva feels good and I continue, finding movements that feel best – soft, gentle, fast, slow, hard- exploring, feeling and loving my vagina, in its entirety.

I put gel inside my vagina and feel the smooth, moist, warm tissue. I rub gel into my labia and my vulva and soon my fingers find my clitoris – and it feels good. I use the gel to give myself sexual pleasure, to explore my vagina and to have a form of sexual expression that relies on no one- I give this moment to myself.  I freely give myself sexual pleasure and I use the anti-viral gel- for treatment of herpes – to facilitate my pleasure. I love my body- what it can do, the pleasure it gives me, how I can rely on it, the way it lets me know when I’m making choices that are right for me and when I’m not.

I am happy that Christopher’s gel helps prevents outbreaks and helps protect me from herpes and HPV when I’m having sex, but I’m even happier to have discovered the pleasures of using the gel.
– Anonymous


Fit and 50

I am 50 and I am fit. Not because I hang out at the gym- I have only spent a total of five weeks in a gym in the past 28 years. What I do is follow the same holistic herpes diet as I’ve recommended to you, and I follow it faithfully. I also have been playing tennis for the past nine years. I am the same weight that I was when I was 24.

Following my holistic herpes diet will not only help keep your virus dormant, and help your immune system stay strong, but it will help you feel strong and vital and fit.

No drug in the world can match the feeling of being at peace with and deeply connected to your own healthy and fit body.

Life is short, so please do make the most it.
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