Holistic Herpes Newsletter Volume Four, Edition 3

Cindy’s Progress (All It Takes is a Shift in Attitude)


My name is Cindy and I have had herpes for the last 20 + yrs. When I was first diagnosed I was in my early 20’s I was completely broken. This news set me on a downward spiral with drinking and drugging for years. I was punishing myself for a long time. I managed to get my life back in control and I have gone thru every emotion possible anger, denial, depression.  I did get married to a great guy and he was very supportive as well.  I started taking Valtrex for yrs on and off I felt it did help a little, but I was still burdened with many outbreaks so I started taking it every day for suppressive therapy. This did lessen the break outs but I always felt that tingling, burning feeling. Not one Doctor who I talked to could provide an answer or seemed very indifferent. I thought I was one of the unlucky ones and I just had to deal with it. Meanwhile I was drinking 3 cups of coffee a day, eating sweets, chocolate – all the wrong things.

I didn’t believe that diet could have an effect on my breakouts because there was no scientific proof. When I did feel an onset of Herpes I would pop an extra Valtrex, then Lysine and  a topical cream. It did help but I was putting a band-aid on top of a virus who would only shed itself again once the band- aid was off. It was a vicious cycle- and I was damaging my immune system in the process.

I was at my wits end when I started searching online only to find snake-oil remedies and promises that they had the “cure” I don’t know how they can live with themselves conning people.

I had recently purchased a book Making Peace with Herpes, I thought I would get some insight before spending more money on topical ointments and getting disappointed. Well I identified with the author knowing what he has been through, living with shame and disgust. The ignorance of the medical industry pumping out drugs with heavy side effects and letting people think that this is the only way to stop the outbreaks. His experience was like my own, the back of the book was a diet program which I had a hard time swallowing to say the least.

I decided  I had to try something different, and had to be open –minded to other holistic ideas- even though in the past I turned my back on it because I didn’t have the patience to work thru anything. Just wanted a quick fix!

The book  touched my soul very deeply, in it he claims that their will never be a cure for herpes but there is a way to “heal” yourself and be outbreak free! I have never heard it put like that before. I had tears is my eyes and thought that there was hope after all.

I immediately started his diet protocol: mainly chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits. On the Never list was all of my favourites, like coffee, chocolate, muffins, cereals, cookies etc. Did I have do it right the first time- no. Change is hard, old habits die hard as the say. I just kept trying because I was sick of living like this; I felt like I had no control- this virus had ME and I was sick of it.

After a few weeks of veggie smoothies, eggs, fruits and a vitamin supplements I started to feel a change. I worked out in the morning  I felt I had more energy and less feeling of prodromal feelings. The less I break out the more I want to try to eat right, and stay away from trigger foods. It took some time no one is perfect, Chris was patient with me and guided me along. I also purchased his anti- viral gel which I keep in the refrigerator. I feel more positive and have a better self esteem!  So I am also eating salads (avocodos)  every day and soups, salmon twice a week. I have completely given up all caffeine, chocolate, bagels,

cookies, cereals, fruit juices (which was hard for me).  So for drinks I stick to milk or soy milk, decaf teas, dandelion tea(which I got used to I drink more often) &

plenty of water.

I haven’t broke out in months! I really can’t believe how this simple program has helped me!

Thanks Chris!

Love & peace always!!


Grandmother of The Jungle (she reminds me of My grandmother): Meet

The Woman who can prepare 500 Medicines from Memory.

She lives in a small hut with a palm leaves roof in a tribal settlement, deep in the forest of Kallar in Thiruvananthapuram district.

Lakshmikutty, a 75-year-old tribal woman is a poet, poison healer and teacher at Kerala Folklore Academy.

With medicinal herbs and plants surrounding her small hut, hundreds trek to the forests to visit Lakshmikutty, who offers herbal treatment for poisoning. But it’s not only medicine that she has to offer but she also helps calm those affected with her gentle words, which can last for hours.  Read on about her Here.

Inhaling Car Fumes or Other Air Pollution May Activate Herpes

To evade the immune system, some viruses hide in cells of their host and persist there. In medical terminology, this state is referred to as a latent infection. If the immune system becomes weakened or if certain conditions change, the viruses become active again, begin to proliferate and destroy the host cell. A team of scientists led by Dr. Tobias Stöger of the Institute of Lung Biology and Prof. Dr. Heiko Adler, deputy head of the research unit Lung Repair and Regeneration at Helmholtz Zentrum München, now report that nanoparticles can also trigger this process. Read About it Here.

A Surprising Link between Herpes and Constipation

A Yale-led study has shown a surprising link between constipation and herpes infection. The finding, published June 8 in Cell Host & Microbe, advances the science on herpes, and could help patients with chronic gastrointestinal diseases with no clear cause. Read on About it Here.

Jill’s Journey
The journey of life has its way of twisting and turning, often when it’s least convenient; completely changing our course and taking us to places we could not have imagined.

One such turn began for me in the Spring of 2014. I had planned and begun training for three long distance races in Ottawa, Niagara Falls and a 25K off-road trail race. I was both terrified and excited about the challenge I had set out for myself – determined to succeed.

On the most beautiful days, I would take advantage of some free time and enjoy the sunshine in my garden. Out of nowhere I experienced the most uncomfortable, god-awful pain ‘south of the border’. Chalking the pain up to a common yeast infection, I visited a women’s clinic for a pap and some drugs; convinced life would resume to normal in a few days. A phone call from the clinic told me otherwise. My test had come back positive for HSV-1. Herpes.

My heart and stomach sank, through the floor.   “Are you sure”, I said?   “But I don’t understand”, where would I have gotten this from?   Since separating from my husband a year before, there had only been one guy that I had been intimate with who denied having any STI’s. He did, however, admit to getting cold sores on his lip but hadn’t had one in years.

Over the next few months I spent my time scouring the internet for any and all information and treatments that I could use to “cure” myself.   Creams, supplements, sprays; you name it, I tried it.   ALL with ZERO success.   Then I stumbled onto an article discussing how certain foods could aggravate the herpes virus, while others prevented the replication of the virus.   Bingo!   I’ll just change my diet I thought.

Being raised in an Italian family, food was at the center of our family gatherings. I have always been comfortable working with and preparing food. In fact, changing my diet was nothing new.   In the fall of 2011, I embraced a plant based vegan diet with my dad, to help him recover from acute pancreatitis – a secondary side effect to one of the drugs he had been taking to manage his Diabetes. Embracing this opportunity to step outside the box, I learned about whole plant foods, and how to nourish my body properly.   I watched documentaries, read articles and learned so much from leading doctors and pioneers in the field.   I even became a certified plant based food-cooking instructor!   I had found my new passion!   Preventing disease, while creating and maintaining health holistically.

Faced with a new challenge of living with herpes, I focused my learning on what plant based foods were high in lysine, and what foods had anti-viral properties.   I started fermenting my own veggies to help support my micro-biome, and nourish the good gut bacteria in my GI tract.   As I had learned, your immune system lives in your gut.   So the more defences you have there, the better your odds are at keeping your body strong, and the virus at bay.

I had this. Life was good. I went a whole year without an outbreak!   No drugs, just good clean food and yoga.   I had almost forgotten that I had the virus all together.

Three months into a new relationship things were going famously; herpes decided to rear its ugly head. It was a week after Christmas and I could feel an outbreak coming on.   Making some poor eating choices and reintroducing coffee into my diet were likely the culprits.

My focus quickly redirected to getting me back on track with my food.   The virus had been awoken – a week later I started having flu like symptoms, and swollen lymph nodes in my neck.   10 days later started having symptoms of blisters on my face.   I was devastated, and stricken with unbearable grief.   How did this happen?   Why now? Why my face too?

For the next two months, I experienced the darkest days of my life. I thought I had come to terms with having the virus in my body, but this secondary site destroyed me.   My confidence shattered, I felt broken, dirty, stained, and crippled with anxiety.   Herpes became an overwhelming cycle of thoughts that all consumed me.   My partner was supportive of my diagnosis, and helped where and when he could; though he would tell me he didn’t know how to help ease my pain.   When our relationship ended, initially my stress level increased.  I felt judged and cast away because of my diagnosis, and not seen as a real person tirelessly trying to heal and come to terms with this evolving virus in my body.

In time, I found space and focus to begin healing ‘me’, directing positive energy back onto myself, without distraction, or judgement.

I dove head first into guided meditations, and gathered a tribe of friends and family around me to help support my recovery.   I finally opened up about my herpes to my family and trusted friends. For the first time, I truly let myself express the hurt and anguish I felt since being diagnosed in 2014.   Keeping herpes as a secret only added to the shame and darkness that I felt towards it, which prevented me from fully healing.   I could spend all the money I wanted on supplements, foods, and alternative medicine treatments, but until I acknowledged how poorly I was treating my emotional self, with negative thoughts, and obsessing; nothing was going to change my suffering and the physical symptoms that it caused.

Experimenting with different yin yoga sequences helped to deal with all the built up stress, anxiety and tightness that had developed in my body.   I got back into my kitchen and starting creating recipes that were nourishing and healing to my body.   Slowly, I felt joy returning – and the darkness I had been living under for months was beginning to lift.

Creating with food has always been a therapeutic outlet for me, and realizing that this could help others gave me a big sense purpose.

I decided to start writing a cookbook.   A cookbook focusing mainly on a vegetarian whole foods diet.   Having been vegan for almost 5 years, and now removing most nuts, seeds and grains was a big change, but not impossible.     It just required a little more creativity.   Living with herpes is challenging enough, and for some learning a new way to nourish their bodies isn’t an added stress that they need.   This was how I could help people like me.   People who wanted a holistic way to live, heal and thrive with herpes, but still eat delicious healing whole foods.   This was the shift that I needed.   A direction and a goal that created something positive from something that was so dark and paralyzing.

So, I find myself blazing a new trail today.   A trail where I follow my heart, and not the rules that we assume need to be followed by societal norms.   I surround myself with the people, activities, and healing foods that balance together to nourish the depths of my soul, and my mental wellness.

Only YOU can be the best and most authentic YOU!

Share your strengths and talents with the amazing people who support you, and stand by you.

Until the next turn in the road, stay strong and beautiful!

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