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The Big Shift

I’ve been resisting switching to powdered remedies for a long time- more than two years, because switching from my liquid remedies to powdered remedies meant more work and more expense for me, I was also not convinced that they would be as effective.

So I skeptically tested powdered remedies on many patients and was more than a little surprised to find out that they seem to be even more effective than the liquid remedies.

There were still other obstacles. Powdered remedies require 3-4 times as much herbs as do liquid remedies so I had to make sure that I could have a reliable and sustainable supply chain.

Powdered remedies are nothing new. Herbal draughts have been used for thousands of years in African, Chinese and Amazonian traditional medicine. They are versatile and can drunk like a tea, or added to water or oil or cream to be used topically, snorted as a snuff, burned like incense, bathed in, etc. My new powdered remedies are meant to made into a tea and made into a paste for use on sores. After getting the herbs, I wash the herbs, dry the herbs, grind the herbs in my Vitamix professional blender, and then custom blend the herbs for each patient’s specific needs, then bottle the herbs.

What finally convinced me to make the big shift is that I have several patients who are currently serving in Afghanistan and Iraq in difficult conditions. They asked me to make remedies for them that didn’t require being in a fridge and could withstand high heat without spoiling. The powdered remedies were perfect for the situation. I have also had patients who were traveling who also asked for powdered remedies.

My powdered remedies are alcohol free so they adhere to the stricter standards being enforced by the U.S. Postal Service and many airlines for hazardous goods and they do not conflict with people who cannot have alcohol for health, addiction or religious reasons. They are half the weight and so are easier to carry around. There’s no issue with the herbs settling at the bottom of the bottle. And they can last at least twice the time as liquid remedies without spoiling.

From now on and for the foreseeable future powdered remedies will be what I will be making for almost all of my Herpes and HPV patients.

Please do continue to give me your feedback and critique of the remedies, because of your feedback I am able to continue improving the effectiveness and ease of use of the medicine and that’s the whole point.

If you have never tried my immune formula or haven’t purchased any in the past 90 days and want some, I want you to experience my herbal draughts and will refund you back 50% of the cost of your first month of remedies if you order by August 7th. (There are other major discounts available if you buy a four or six month package of remedies).

Christopher Scipio

Herbalist/Holistic Viral Specialist

TODAY, In My Journey

My correspondences to Christopher Scipio are always positive and, thankfully, I have always been able to report to Christopher that I am outbreak-free.  Therefore, sometime ago, Christopher had suggested to me to share some of my experiences and a few details of my health regimen, since perhaps it might be helpful to others as well.  I have finally gotten around to doing so, and I hope that it will be helpful to many of you in some way.

I am a very busy, single, working-mom.  When Christopher suggested to me that I write something, I was excited and more than a bit intimidated.  I was mostly intimidated by the idea that I am still trying to navigate my way through all of this, by trial and error, and that I am not an expert, indeed.  My greatest obstacle, to date, is that I am still single.  I have not had sex since finding out of my STI status, over three years ago.  And the only person that I have been able to tell is my mom.  Nope, I am not an expert at all!  With that said…….

I am HSV1 and HSV2 positive, and I have HPV.  I just very recently added curcumin, green tea extract, coriolus versicolor and cardamom seeds to my health regimen, in hopes of ridding my body of HPV in the next six to twelve months.  I read on the internet that HPV could clear up on its own, within two years, unless it is a resistant strain of the virus.  Resistant strains of HPV are linked to oral and cervical cancers.  My goal is just to be left with my herpes and to prevent developing oral and/or cervical cancers, of course.  Since I have practiced abstinence for the past three years, I can be certain that I do not have a new HPV infection.   I am awaiting results of my most recent pap smear, and I am planning to have an oral cancer screening very soon.  Though I do a lot of research on the internet, I strongly suggest to everyone:  please consult with Christopher Scipio before beginning any new natural remedy.

Abstinence serves several purposes for me.  The practice has allowed me time to:  accept myself again, to love myself again, an opportunity to feel ‘normal’ again, time to strengthen my immune system, and the time to regain confidence in myself.  I have decided against casual sexual relationships.  To me, a committed relationship is more ideal for the level of maturity, openness and honesty which is required in a sexual relationship, today.  Unfortunately, I have not found one yet.

This is TODAY in my journey.  I hope the following details may prove helpful to you or simply guide you and inspire you on your journey to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual peace and health.  My regimen has evolved, somewhat, over the past three years.  Though Christopher Scipio’s book, his natural medicines and his personal guidance have been and continue to be a true lifeline and saving grace for me.  May God Bless Christopher and his life’s work, and may God Bless you too.

My Personal Health Remedies for:
Skin Care
•    Virgin Coconut Oil Soap (for face and body)
•    Milk of Magnesia, Original flavor (facial mask for very oily skin only)
•    Organic Green Tea bags, caffeine-free (wet bags used for facial toner)
•    Organic Black Tea bags, caffeine-free (steeped for puffy-tired eyes treatment)
•    Christopher Scipio’s Anti-Viral Gel (daily preventative treatment for lips/outer mouth area)
Oral Care
•    Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar plus baking soda (gargle), daily
•    Cardamom Seeds (2-3 chewed daily)
•    6-8 cups of water daily
•    Coconut Water daily
•    100% juice – diluted, daily
•    Very little to no soda at all
•    Red/White wine, sparingly
•    No peanuts
•    No chocolate
•    No raisins
•    No red meat (personal choice)
•    Fruits and Vegetables, daily
•    Fish, chicken and whole grains, daily
Exercise/ Well-being
•    Yoga stretches, weekly
•    Walking, weekly
•    Warm bath with 1 cup of Epsom salt, weekly (quick showers all of the other time)
Meditation/ Prayer
•    Meditation/ Prayer, daily
Supplements/Natural Medicine
•    Natropractica Immune Formula from Christopher Scipio
•    Natropractica Anti Viral Gel from Christopher Scipio
•    Zinc
•    Selenium
•    Garlic
•    Monolaurin
•    Green Tea Extract
•    Curcumin
•    Coriolus Versicolor
Thanks for reading my essay.

Another Patient’s Journey

My sister was raised Christian Science. Through her influence from a young age I had been exposed to the notion that your emotional state can affect your health. I found out I had herpes on the same day that I found out I was pregnant. This news came to me after weeks of anxiety about my whimsical sexual activity in the months prior. I was certain I would catch something if I didn’t start to excercize more caution about who I slept with and how. The news that I had herpes made me almost relieved because I had been feeling so strange over the previous month I didn’t know what was wrong and I was just happy to find out what was happening in my body.

For the last 5 years I have been living with a very mild case of type one herpes. With only two outbreaks including the first, you could say my experience of herpes is almost like your average cold. Nonetheless no matter how mild a case I have been lucky to have, this has not saved me numerous anxious visits to multiple different doctors deathly afraid I am having a nonexistent outbreak and will unintentionally spread it to my eye or something. The truth is, no matter how mild or severe, I think we can agree that herpes tends to affect our emotions and psyche as much if not more than our physical bodies. At least in my case this is true and understanding this has clued me into the subtle ways I can tell what tends to trigger my herpes the most.

For me, stress in my romantic life almost always heightens my awareness of the herpes in my body. It makes sense since it is a sexually transmitted virus and most matters of the heart interact with our sexuality. Stress of the intimate type, anxiety over a new lover, a past lover, a lover’s past lover, coupled with sugar, alcohol and lack of sleep plus stress in my financial life will almost certainly lead to an outbreak. All these are the triggers that when present I have become aware that I am more sensitive to general dietary triggers.

I was spending the weekend away with my boyfriend. I worked crazy 8 hour days before going to be able to leave for a 4 day weekend. When I arrived at our getaway destination, I was exhausted and run down. We were kind of roughing it so we would eat quick and easy snacks, almonds and dates. After three nights of shitty sleep with my lover, we spent the day in a little town where I had to go take a nap on a bench by the water I was so tired. I noticed whenever I ate almonds, I would have a headache.

I stopped eating almonds. I got as much sleep as possible. I stayed away from sugar, alcohol and bread. After about 5 days of consistent 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night I started to feel strong again. This is the basic protocol when I feel weak with my herpes and is the short-term fix.

In the long-term area, anything I can do to minimize my stress levels especially in the love arena goes a long way for me with herpes. Each time I settle deeper into a healthy routine of yoga or reasonable, predictable and encouraging work, the thought of herpes seems to move farther away out of my everyday thoughts to every week then every month, then once every 6 months, then year.

No question this virus that lives in the nervous system thrives on emotional distress about it even. I try to pay attention to what makes me stress about my herpes and unpack that as deeply as possible. The virus really is a warning signal to me that I am not living in balance. I try to strive for balance and letting go of the virus in my mind becomes a by product of inner peace.

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