Holistic Herpes Newsletter Volume One, Edition 15

Immune Draught Wonders

l was diagnosed with genital herpes in 2004. I have been on different medications for genital herpes over the years and used certain medications that were supposed to prevent outbreaks in the future but all this stuff did was to bring about more outbreaks and I just gave up on trying anything else. I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I went online and spent a few minutes before l found your site. I called and had consult and at this point l had to do something because l was having outbreaks two to three times a week!  My outbreaks were very severe. I have been using your immune draught as you prescribed including the supplements and the gel for the past three months and only had one tiny blister when l first took the medications and since then have not had any outbreaks at all. I have only used your products for a short time but l can’t believe already what a difference they have made! I just feel like l am dreaming l wish if l had known about this product a long time ago and would not have suffered, l feel like l am now in control of my life. Your product has done wonders for me from three outbreaks a week to none that’s really miraculous! Thanks

S.M    New York


Herpes Stigma, What Stigma? Part Two

I am a Black Man, I am from a poor family, I have a beard, I am from a broken home, I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative, I’m in an inter-racial marriage and worst of all I believe in and practice holistic healing.

Of all the things I could be and am stigmatized for on a daily basis, herpes doesn’t even show up on the radar. I actually get more grief for being involved in natural medicine than anything else. In the past twenty-one years I haven’t had anyone send me any angry letters, or phone calls or emails because I have herpes and am very public about it, but I have had nasty communications from people ridiculing holistic health. When I recently posted info on my own Facebook page about how unhealthy barbequing food is, I even got thrashed by my own mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I un-friended them.

The point I’m making is that human beings tends to ridicule and insult each other and there is no escape regardless of how distinguished or accomplished you are but of all the things that you might be ridiculed for having herpes won’t even be on the the top 50.

Herpes stigma largely exists in our heads and the quickest way to free yourself from that potential hell is to simply refuse to be stigmatized. I don’t let anyone make me feel bad about being black even though I didn’t choose to be Black no more than I chose to get herpes. Refuse to feel bad about having herpes! Refuse to live in fear of people finding out you have herpes! Refuse the stigma!

All stigmas lose their sting when you refuse to buy into them.- Christopher Scipio Herbalist/Holistic Viral Specialist

Catherine Pearse (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

This review is from: Making Peace with Herpes (Paperback)

“Making peace with herpes” is written by a bold and honest man who knows the stigma, the shame, the irrational absence of support in society of this very common sexually transmitted virus. Scipio knows what living with genital herpes is like. But he chose not to remain a victim – or in his words, “a modern-day leper”. He is a traditional homeopath and herbalist, with roots from ten generations of African-Carribbean herbalists, and has some strong opinions about the medical industrial complex and their approach to herpes: comparing Valtrex to the high powered pesticides used in wide scale farming practice. His recommendations are more like the organic and sustainable practices that honour the Earth and its ecosystem.

I decided to ‘out’ myself to my family after reading this book. Scipio is right: the silence perpetuates the stigma. We in the ‘herpes nation’ must come together, support each other, love our selves and learn to live as best we can, with our life-long companion.

This book is definitely worth reading.

The Average Chimp Knows more about Herbal Medicine than the Average Human

I recently heard on the radio the other day that scientists were very excited to learn that chimps use the same or similar herbs to treat themselves for malaria, diarrhea and parasites that the local herbalists use. I always chuckle when the scientific community stumbles onto something healers and those in the know have known for a long long time. It’s like Columbus thinking that he actually discovered “The New World”.

Some of my friends who are Aboriginal healers here in Canada have told me stories of how their people learned what herbs to use for medicine by observing the behaviour of bears and other animals. Scientists discovered years ago that even cows- who are considered fairly “dumb”animals, can identify dozens of grasses and plants to use to treat themselves for illnesses. Not only can chimps treat themselves effectively with plants for many ailments, but even more remarkably they teach each other how to do this so that the knowledge is preserved and passed down to future generations. Young chimps spend a lot of their time watching how their elders practice herbal medicine. This is precisely the way that I started to learn herbal medicine by watching my Grandmother when I was six years old and it’s how she learned from my great-grandmother, and so on…

There is a close bond between plants, animals and humans that herbal medicine sits right in the middle of. Let’s pass accurate and insightful information on to our friends and family about the wonders of herbal medicine so that the average human being can once again be at least as good an herbalist as the average chimp.

christopher scipio- herbalist/holistic viral specialist

The Milena Cold and Flu Formula and
How Not to get a Cold or Flu this Season

Six Years ago I developed the Milena Cold and Flu Formula to deal with the increasing number of my patients and friends suffering from colds and flus every winter, including many that tuned into bronchitis and pneumonia.

The Milena Cold and Flu Formula combines Lomatium Dissectum, Tulsi, Osha, Boneset, Elderberries and Flowers and a proprietary Botanical Anti-Viral Complex.

All the ingredients in the formula are hand-prepared and hand-formulated in small batches and the formula has evolved and improved since it was first released. All the ingredients been clinically proven the boost the immune system and to significantly speed up the healing process with Colds and Flus.

It will help you heal faster from a Cold or Flu and help lessen the severity of all accompanying symptoms but the real power of the Milena Cold and Flu Formula is in it’s ability to help prevent a Cold or Flu. Take it as directed at the first signs of any Cold and Flu and there’s a good chance that you may avoid becoming ill in the first place.

I encourage you to order some and have it on hand for yourself and your family. You can request it by email to hsvclinic at aol.com

How Not to Get a Cold or Flu This Season

Dress for success. A warm scarf may be your best ally in not getting a cold. And ladies, no matter how sexy you are, you may wish to reconsider plunging exposed necklines at this time of year. Button up your coats. Dress in layers and eschew those low riding pants and jeans.

Avoid Germs. When in public use a pen on the keypad of ATM machines, use a paper towel or plastic bag to open doorknobs, try to avoid shaking hands, etc. etc…

Act immediately. Usually the first sign of a cold or flu is a sore throat followed by fatigue. As soon as you feel even the hint of this coming
drop everything you are doing and get out of the cold and into your bed. Rest is key, even if it means taking a day or two off from work and your duties as a parent. If you don’t slow down you will probably get sick.

An ounce of prevention… Carry around those dried ginger cubes you find in health food stores. Reed’s brand has organic ginger cubes. Suck on them and eat them whenever the weather or chilly or you feel your throat getting sore or itchy. I have avoided dozens of colds
this way.

Silence is golden. If you feel your throat getting sore or itchy, stop talking. Save your voice.

Rest, rest, rest. Call in sick, stay in bed and get as much sleep as possible. Not staying in bed is one of the biggest mistakes people make when fighting off an infection. You cannot maintain your normal schedule when your immune system is under assault!

Hydrate yourself. Drink lots of water and teas containing vitamin c during the winter like rose hips or hibiscus. My favourite
is a combination of rose hips, hibiscus and ginger.

If you feel yourself sliding down into sickness drink plenty of ginger and green onion tea (use the white bulb part of organic green onions)..

Make sure you carry around the Milena Cold and Flu remedy and use it every 4-6 hours until your symptoms has cleared for at least three days.
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