Holistic Herpes Newsletter Volume Two, Edition 3

A New Year, A New Immune Formula
One of the benefits of my healing practice is that I get  feedback from you – my patients. I have regular contact with all of you throughout the year. Sharing your experiences and outcomes helps me evolve and improve my remedies. Two years ago, your feedback helped me shift from liquid remedies to powdered remedies. This year, your feedback helped me develop a new, improved immune formula.
This new formula is the nineteenth improvement of the immune formula since it’s inception in 2003. Most of the changes occurred in the first two years, with fourteen different immune formulas developed and tested.
The new immune formula includes additional herbs to help alkalize your body ph. If your body is too acidic, you are vulnerable to several diseases. There are also herbs to help digestion and liver function because your body cannot adequately absorb and utilize any medicine without these organs functioning well.

Often, you’ve asked why the formula tastes bitter and it’s important that it does – bitter flavours stimulate your liver to produce more bile.
Many of you using the immune formula report long-term benefits of staying on the formula even after your herpes outbreaks have stopped. You tell me that staying on the formula helps you with your energy level, digestion, allergies and overall health. Many of you continue using immune formula for safer sex, combined with the antiviral gel, to prevent infecting others with herpes and to protect yourself from HPV, HIV and Hepatitis.
The new immune formula is available now – I encourage those of you who are having symptoms and those of you who are not, to embrace the short and long-term benefits it brings. Think of it as a daily health and immune strengthening tonic.
The immune formula is available in four or six month quantities. Until January 17th, you will receive a complimentary bottle of Milena Cold and Flu formula (a $70 value) when you order.
If you haven’t checked in with me for more than a couple of months, please do drop me a note so  I know how you are doing.
Wishing you a healthy new year.

Changing My Diet Has Cured My Herpes . . .

I have had herpes for over 20 years.  For many years, I would get outbreaks somewhat regularly.  My outbreaks would occur when I was dating/having regular sex, either due to the stress and anxiety of passing it to someone else, or just due to friction.  When I was in a relationship, I would take a daily dose of acyclovir (sometimes Valtrex if allowed by insurance) for preventative measures.  I did this for almost 20 years, off and on, and even after being married to my partner, who also has herpes but minimal symptoms.  I performed research on-line and found Christopher who was kind enough to provide me guidance about cleaning up my diet many years ago.  I wasn’t willing to discipline myself when it came to his recommendations, and I suppose I did not believe there was such a direct link between the things I ate and how I felt.   It wasn’t until the last year that I discovered how helpful his guidance was.

To better explain, i want to relay I would often have excessive itching and outbreaks in my anal area.  When I would have excessive itching, I would assume it was an oncoming outbreak and then double up on medication to prevent it.  When I went to the doctor to ask if the itching was directly linked to outbreaks or caused by some other problem, the doctors had minimal feedback or knowledge to pass along and were overall, not helpful.  It wasn’t until I went to my chiropractor complaining of muscle tightness, fatigue and stomach problems that it was suggested to me that I may have problems with my stomach.  It was explained to me (and I did some of my own research) that the health of my stomach/gut was directly related to my immune system.  Gluten intolerance or allergy causes damage to a person’s stomach lining and an immune reaction throughout the body and can cause someone more prone to illness After being strict about my gluten-free diet, my stomach pain/gas stopped, my lactose intolerance stopped, and most importantly, the itching stopped and the outbreaks stopped. I am more and more convinced that the foods we eat directly relate to our overall health, and in my case, direct relate to my herpes.  Please consider getting a consultation with Christopher on what dietary and lifestyle changes you need to make to be outbreak free.  It might not only help you with your herpes, but also with your general health.


How Not to Get a Cold or Flu This Season

Dress for success
•    A warm scarf is your ally
•    Reconsider plunging, exposed necklines at this time of year
•    Button up your coat
•    Dress in layers
•    Avoid low riding pants and jeans.

Avoid Germs
•    Use a pen on the keypad of ATM machines
•    Use a paper towel or plastic bag to open doorknobs
•    Avoid shaking hands
•    Be wary of gas pumps, credit card processing machines, and poles in buses and subway trains.

Act immediately.
•    The first sign of a cold or flu is a sore throat followed by fatigue
•    As soon as you feel even the hint of this, get out of the cold and into your bed – Rest is key
•    At the first sign of a sore throat gargle with warm water, salt and vinegar every hour

An ounce of prevention…
•    Carry around dried ginger cubes. Reed’s brand has organic ginger cubes. Suck on them when you feel your throat getting itchy.
•    Silence is golden. If you feel your throat getting sore or itchy, stop talking.
•    Rest, rest, rest. Call in sick, stay in bed and get as much sleep as possible.
•    Hydrate yourself. Drink lots of water and teas containing vitamin c during the winter. My favourite is a combination of rose hips, hibiscus and ginger.
•    If you feel yourself sliding into sickness, drink plenty of ginger and green onion tea (use the white bulb part of organic green onions)..
•    Use the Milena Cold and Flu remedy every 4-6 hours until your symptoms have cleared for at least three days.

Seven Years ago, I developed the Milena Cold and Flu Formula to help the increasing number of my patients suffering from colds and flus. The Milena Cold and Flu Formula combines Lomatium Dissectum, Tulsi, Osha, Boneset, Elderberries, Flowers and a proprietary Botanical Anti-Viral Complex. It is, of course, hand-made by yours truly.

The real power of the Milena Cold and Flu Formula is it’s ability to prevent a Cold or Flu. Take it as directed at the first signs of any Cold and Flu and there’s a good chance that you will avoid becoming ill.   All the ingredients are clinically proven to boost the immune system and to significantly speed up the healing process. If you do get ill, consistently taking the formula will help you heal faster and lessen the severity of the symptoms.