My name is Christopher ScipioI've been a Herbalist since 1986 and a Natural Herpes Treatment Specialist specializing in treating genital herpes and cold sores for 17 years. I contracted the herpes virus many years ago and after a bad reaction to drug therapy developed a holistic herpes treatment that is safe and effective. The Protocol isn't a herpes cure (there is no cure)--it is a way of controlling herpes naturally by strengthening your immune system, regaining your self-esteem and practicing safer sex.

I once felt that getting herpes was one of the worst things that could have happened to me. I felt alone, ashamed, stigmatized and marginalized. When I learned how to take control of my herpes and embrace holistic health, I started to feel empowered, hopeful and unashamed.

Now I feel like getting herpes was actually a positive turn in my life- it motivated me to take better care of my health and to practice safer sex. It also gave me a vocation that I love. I love speaking to people and giving them the encouragement, support, and advice they need to control their herpes. When I was first infected with herpes, I had no one one to talk to about it. I got bad advice and misinformation from the internet that damaged me and wasted my money, so I know what it can be like. Often having someone knowledgeable to talk to, without judgment and shame, can make all the difference in the world.

I am a very passionate about helping others with herpes. I have advised thousands of people on keeping the virus dormant, rejecting stigma, having a happy, safer sex life and having a safe, natural pregnancy and natural childbirth. My treatment plan involves simple, effective, holistic fundamentals. My patients successfully control their herpes through a combination of my hand-made remedies, yoga, diet and a few supplements. 

I am a traditional herbalist, born in Trinidad, and my family have been healers for many generations in The Caribbean and South America. I don't believe in or promote any gimmicks, miracle cures or short-cuts - there aren't any that actually work. 

My book 'Making Peace with Herpes' is a guide to following my Holistic Protocol and overcoming the stigma of herpes. The book is about managing your herpes, reclaiming your sexuality while practicing safer sex and living a healthy, happy and balanced life.
Since condoms offer little or no protection against herpes and HPV, I also hand-make a Red Marine Algae Antiviral Sex Gel to help make safer-sex safer. It also helps keep the herpes virus dormant and helps ease the symptoms of vulvodynia. 
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Follow the links above to book a phone consultation with me, buy my herbal formulas, read my book, and read my blog. You can find out how to follow my natural herpes treatment to heal your herpes and get on with your life.

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